Nyaya Forum


The Nyaya Forum for Courtroom Lawyering strives to make careers in the lower judiciary and litigation not only more attractive and interesting but also feasible and plausible.

The Forum aims to do so through a variety of its programs:

  • The Forum hosts speakers from the backgrounds in litigation and judiciary sharing their experiences through its Nyaya Anubhav program igniting interest in the students through hosting experience-sharing sessions.
  • Further, the Forum also seeks to provide internship opportunities to students to work under practitioners and judges through Nyaya Awasar program.
  • Through Nyaya Vidya program, the Forum hosts eminent practitioners and judges for offering credit courses in several interesting scopes pertaining to practice and judiciary.
  • The Forum further aims to lubricate communication among students and practitioners to build networks for career opportunities in litigation through its Nyaya Vyavsaya program.
  • The Forum also has a Nyaya Niti program which seeks to address issues relating to policy matters in courtrooms; for instance judicial backlog.

Therefore, the Nyaya Forum for Courtroom Lawyering at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad– a students’ initiative seeks to further the purpose of establishing universities exclusively providing legal education in India, and help budding students take their first steps into courtrooms as the future doyens of the bar and the bench. The Forum’s approach to achieve this is to join disjointed activities that happen in law school, right from academic courses to guest lectures to internships. This is with the purpose of providing leverage to the upcoming generation of budding lawyers currently in law schools in pursuing a career in litigation or lower judiciary immediately after graduation.

Nyaya can be contacted at nyaya@nalsar.ac.in or Facebook/NyayaForum or Twitter@NyayaForum.